Perfect time to Trade in your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

How tragic it would be when your own accomplishment becomes your biggest regret, same is the story with Samsung about its Note 7 flagship. After receiving a great review from critic and consumer as well it looked like Samsung did invented “The Next Best Thing” and undoubtedly the best Note in its series and skipping number 6 did turned out to be lucky for them. Unfortunately, the story took wrong turn from this point and something happened that Samsung wouldn’t have thought in its dream, a small manufacturing defect or faulty battery or component in the device lead to explosion of the device.

As an immediate step, they recalled all model and tried to fix the problem, but didn’t helped so. Finally on October 10th the company decided to officially cancel the Galaxy Note 7 from its product line up, just a week company started to offer replacement model as part of global recall due fire hazard potential. Reporting over 100 smartphone explosion, burning down a jeep, or evacuating a Southwest Airline Flight and many more incidents, looks like Samsung did took a right decision for the current catastrophic scenario.



Samsung has formally issued a “stops sale” on the Galaxy Note 7. In simple words it won’t be available for sale again, so if you were saving some money to buy it when price goes down, time to make change in plan because that’s never going to happen. Now, if you are having Note 7 with you, a simple question would pop in your mind, as what to do with your Note. As the product has been officially discarded by its company, so the availability of spare part would be out of context and the potential of exploding are also high.



For such situation Samsung is offering 100% refund for its Note 7. So with such crisis arising around the product, it would be better to power down  the device head for refund or trade the same product for better smartphone for same device. As far as trading option goes, two best alternative in the same price range would be Samsung Galaxy 7 edge , or switching to competitor brand iPhone 7 is still a better option available in the market. Apart from just offering a full refund, consumer who are trading Note 7 for another Samsung device be it S7 or Note 5 or even a J series smartphone will get an additional credit of  or gift card from Samsung and their carrier. All the carrier store are accepting return for any or all kind of accessories no matter how their condition is or what the accessories is.

If we look at trade point of, there are some devices which can be a great option


Owner of the original or replaced model are urged to stop using the device on immediate basis and opt for return or trade in as soon as possible. Carrier stores and authorize dealer will be extremely helpful and cooperate in such situation. As of now Samsung are investigating the reason for explosion of batteries and has stopped sales as well as replacement for the product. However, the chance for a re-release of Note 7 seems not possible.

So this means the that user of Note 7 either can replace for another Samsung model like S7 edge , Note 5 or any other Samsung model, or they can opt for different brand like Apple iPhone or LG V10. However,additional perks are restricted for trade in for Samsung device only. Therefore, using Note 7 as of now it’s just not worth the risk, better option would be either go for a full refund or trade in for different smartphone.

For trading your Note 7 you can opt for as it gives best deal when it comes trading your smartphone or selling your old device.