Compare Google Pixel XL with iPhone 7 plus

When it comes to smartphone, Apple iPhone is by far one the best device available in the market, providing a complete value for money, right from tough use to sophisticated application, it has a tick on all the checkbox to make it one of the best in the market. However, recently launched Google Pixel and Pixel XL, has been very impressive as well, with its feature near matching and to some extent surpassing the Cupertino giants in smartphone business.

When it comes to size, Pixel is not that XL as it sound when compared to iPhone 7 plus. Although the breadth of both the phones are same 7.3mm, where iPhone prevails is height and width Pixel XL has a height of 155mm followed by 76mm width compared to iPhone 7 plus 158mm and 78mm, merely a difference in millimeters. But when it comes weight Pixel XL (166g) is lighter than iPhone 7 plus (188g).When it comes to build quality both company don’t push any boundaries. Both the phone have aluminum body resulting in a tie situation, but a win-win situation when it comes safety.

Taking safety into consideration, an IP53 or IP67 is common phenomenon among smartphone today. But this is a part where might have to be careful about your Pixel XL as it lag behind way behind in this facet of safety, iPhone 7 plus boast of its iP67 certification which means there won’t be any problem if your iPhone goes for a swim accidently, however, same is not the case with Pixel XL where you might want to be a bit careful about

As far as display is concerned both share a same space of 5.5”, but what set them apart is their resolution and this is where Pixel XL(2560 x 1440, 543ppi) has better of iPhone 7 plus (1920 x1080, 401 ppi) making its density 28% more when compared to iPhone 7 Plus. But to equal the odds iPhone 7 plus have other qualities like white balance, contrast, color saturation which makes is display better and unique than others. Despite of having a great display where it lag behind an iPhone 7 plus is in the department of camera, thou it has a good camera (Primary 12MP and secondary 8MP) compared to iPhone (Primary 12MP and secondary 7MP), but the dual lenses on iPhone 7 plus gives cutting edge advantage over Pixel XL. Furthermore, optical Image stabilization which is a major aspect in camera department is somewhat a missing ingredient in Pixel XL.

Battery life is an important factor while making the decision as smartphone to opt for. Pixel XL (3450mAh) has better battery life when compared to iPhone 7 plus (2900 mAh), giving a long durable life and will certainly end up a whole day without need of charging and it comes turbo charging as well which unfortunately is unavailable in iPhone.

Overall functionality of the smartphone depends on how quick it functions. Comparing the speed, here iPhone 7 plus (A10 fusion quad core 2.3 GHz) with 3GB RAM is as fast as compared to Pixel XL (Snapdragon 821 quad core 2.15 GHz) 4GB RAM, however, multitasking and high end gaming can be enjoyed on both the device with ease. The point where Pixel Xl lag behinds is the internal storage Pixel XL consist of two variant of  32GB and 128GB and iphone 7 plus has three variant 32GB 128GB and 256GB, giving enough storage to the user to store their music and images and other multimedia apps. However, microSD option has been ruled out for both the devices.

iPhone 7 plus and and Pixel share the same pricing , both the model starts from the range of AED 3400/-.

Coming to the verdict, as both the flagship takes the competition neck to neck, the difference among them is a minor one. Where iPhone 7 plus has an advantage in terms of Water and Dust resistance, camera capabilities over Pixel XL. On the other hand Pixel XL boast of its perks like VR, headphone Jack along with headphones and turbo charging to charge up your device faster.