All you need to know about MacBook Pro

Apple is well known for all its product, be it iPhone iPad, MacBook or iPods, each product is unique in its own way and thus push the boundary of creativity of Apple to a newer extent. Every year they launch their iPhones and iPads on a regular interval, however one department they lack continuity is MacBook series, latest entry to MacBook series was 13” inch MacBook Pro with Retina in March 2015, since then there hasn’t been any major change or update in MacBook series. Due to this negligence the share of Apple in computing space fell to 4.9% in Q2 2016 as compared to previous year.

So after bit of a loss in market share, surrounded by rumor and hype for MacBook pro, Apple finally announced a long waited update MacBook Pro Laptop at an event in San Francisco on 27th October 2016. Will it be a just another ordinary MacBook or the wait for the new MacBook Pro will be a worth it. Both the laptops, 13” inch as well as 15” will feature USB-C port and a Retina display.

Along with that we get into detail of many feature that makes MacBook Pro probably “the best” MacBook till date from Apple.




Rumors around OLED Touch bar has been around for months, finally now this is an official feature in MacBook Pro. OLED will be placed at the top of the keyword and will replace regular function keys, in the form of Touch Bar. What makes it special is that it’s highly customizable without compromising the functions plus all the function that can be done through function keys can be done through OLED panel Touch Bar. More than just a mere function keys, Touch Bar act as Touch ID sensor, making MacBook Pro third Apple Product after iPhone and iPad to include this technology.


  • Upgraded Hardware



For the first time MacBook will contain USB-C ports for both of its device, making it the only Apple laptop to have this feature. However, it will no longer have the features of MagSafe charging, an SD card slot or Thunderbolt port. As far as processor is concerned, MacBook pro is powered by Intel’s Skylake processor which is quite a significant improvement over its predecessor Pro models which were equipped with Broadwell chips. High speed performance is a guarantee in MacBook Pro 13” inch which is equipped with i5 processor with 8GB RAM, and super speed performance in case of MacBook Pro 15” inch which is equipped with i7 processor and 16GB RAM.


  • New Look


When it comes to look there hasn’t been any major changes in the look of the MacBook model and somewhat has maintained a standard look. However in MacBook Pro has become thinner and better looking than previous model. MacBook Pro, which now measures just 14.9mm in thickness (13-inch) or 15.5mm (15-inch), and weighs just 3lbs (13-inch) or 4lbs (15-inch) – half a pound less than the previous versions in both cases, making a very portable laptop. Though it has become thinner, the size of the trackpad has doubled compared to MacBook Pro. Moreover, the display is 67% brighter and has 25% more color compared to previous models.


  • Pricing

MacBook Pro 13” inch without Touch Bar may cost you around AED 6745/-, but if you want to experience Touch Bar in 13”inch Pro then it will you around AED 7868/-. However in case MacBook pro 15”inch , OLED Touch Bar is included and you have to shell out around AED 10567/- if you want to experience a power pack laptop.

No doubt the pricing are but high when it comes to Apple product, but once you bought it surely a worth of your money. If you aren in need of slim yet power pack performing Laptop, then MacBook Pro is just what you are looking for.