Samsung Galaxy S8, Rumors, Specs, Release Date, Price

 Samsung is currently in the center of attention in the smartphone industry, but not for a good reason. Its latest flagship phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has some manufacturing defect resulting to violent explosion. They recalled their product to fix error, but somehow it didn’t worked out and they finally had to stop the sales of it causing a loss of $3 billion.  Keeping the past in the past and keeping the loss in mind Samsung’s will try to capture its market back again with its “ The Next Best Thing” Samsung Galaxy S8, and to some extent they will  prevail if rumor specs are found to be true.

Following the explosive disaster of Note 7 Samsung will launched its product earlier than expected. If rumors are to be believed S8 is to be launched on somewhere around February 2017, the launch will take place on Barcelona to coincide with the MWC 2017 expo. Like its predecessor S8 will also be launched in two model variant.


What makes S8 a hot topic to discuss about is its cutting edge specification. :

Display 5.2” 4k display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5
 Processor Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 3.2 GHz processor
Camera Primary 30MP/ Secondary 9MP
 Storage 64GB/128GB with 6GB RAM
Battery 4200 mAh


Along with those, additional feature will be added in its overall look of the device. Unlike its predecessor S7 and S7 edge, in Galaxy S8, there will be no manual home button, it will be a full touch screen device with a unique glass- like surround body.  Not only in its look is what has been a major change in the device its display. S8 will comprise of 4k display, as Samsung is always known for its one the best the display for phones in the market, the 4K display will them to another level.

Among all the feature that were applauded in Note 7, one of them was hugely improved Always On Display (AOD) which debuted with Galaxy Note 7, with more pictures added to the mix and vibrant display hanging about on the phone when its turned off. Further update on AOD means the experience would be richer in S8, enabling the third parties to customize their own widgets to the screen.

Samsung is reportedly working on a new camera. Which will be somewhat between 18MP and 24MP and have a wide f/ 1.4 aperture comparing to its previous model S7 which had narrower f/1.7 one. With extra width it would allow more light in and addition megapixel count could result in more clear and detailed image. Not only that the camera would be of dual lenses as well, one lenses would be of 12MP while the other 13MP. Though the news are true about the camera but it hasn’t been confirmed whether it for S8 model. However, it’s too early to predict the accuracy of these rumors but with Huawei P9, LG G5 and currently iPhone 7 plus packing dual camera has become a latest trend, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if S8 comes up with dual camera as well.

A recent leak suggested that Galaxy S8 could have a 3.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor, which sounds pretty fast, but will it be Snapdragon 830?  That hasn’t been official yet.  Samsung manufactures its own Exynos chips which were partly used in Samsung S7 and partly was operated by Snapdragon 820, so something similar can be expected with Samsung Galaxy S8. But to be Specific Snapdragon chip will be available only in US, while mostly the rest of the world will get an expected Exynos 8995 which clocks up to 3GHz, still better and faster than S7 variant.

As far security concern goes, Samsung Galaxy S8 may have an iris scanner similar to what we have already seen in Note 7. Though there has not been official confirmation of it, as it does not makes much of difference except a hyper level of security.  Speaking about “smart glow” which has been a bit of creative invention in J2 could be seen in S8 as well, with additional features like heart rate reading, and lighting up different colors to indicate different weather conditions.

Apart from those features, reversible USB Type-C connectors which we have already seen in Galaxy Note 7 could be seen again in Samsung Galaxy S8, the reason being so, Samsung likes to continue to offer a particular feature on its featured flagship devices such as fingerprint scanner, an always-on screen (AOD) , a microSD card slot and a water resistant body, and list goes on.

As far as pricing concern goes as per the features, it can be roughly estimated that Samsung S8 would cost around somewhere $850 or AED 3122/- for a starting range model. Seems like a lot , but looking after the features it can be said that its worth a buy only if it does not explodes, for all Samsung fan it’s time for some saving.