“Virtual Assistant”- The Next Best Thing for Samsung Galaxy S8

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco,there is a lot is on stake for Samsung on its next launch which is Samsung Galaxy S8 which is due on February 2017.Samsung is well known for its innovative features in its every launch of new product. When it comes to competing with Apple Samsung gives a good competition to Apple in terms of hardware specification , but it lacks way behind when comes virtual assistant, as Apple’s Siri does far better job. Following Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Windows Cortana , Samsung is all set to launch its own Virtual Assistant rumored to be named Bixby along with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung announced on Sunday that an artificial intelligence assistant service in the upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8. Although they have already a featured a virtual assistant in the form S-voice, but it capabilities were very limited, but the new version is promised to be step ahead of previous version and would enable you to do your activity without any use of third party app. So What does this means… lets say you are hungry and you want to order food so the virtual assistant would order the food for you without the need of operating a third application but by simply asking your virtual assistant to do so. With some improvement and upgrades Samsung believes that their virtual assistant would be able to compete with the likes of AIs of Google, Apple Microsoft and Amazon.

Samsung is well known for continuing some of its premium features in its wide range of products. Same would be the case with this virtual assistant. New virtual assistant or Bixby would be seen even in products like refrigerator, however, the functionality may differ on both the products.If news are to be believed and execution part goes well ,than this might be “The next best” feature for Samsung users.The smartphone giants Samsung has joined the race of providing of providing better virtual assistant when it acquired Viv Labs Inc,a Silicon Valley Startup launched by the same brain behind Siri.

Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy S8 in the next year spring as they are schedule to launch their flagship smartphone at that point of time.Sale of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be crucial for Samsung considering to the loss incurred due Samsung Note 7.One default in the manufacturing and inclusion of faulty components lead to two global recalls and the profit of a quarter year. As per Samsung Note 7 fiasco cost them a whopping $5.3 billion loss, thus a lot depends on Samsung’s next launch Samsung Galaxy S8.