Samsung to launch “Glossy Black” S7 Next Month to counter Apple iPhone 7 “Jet Black”

According to The Korea Herald reports Android giants Samsung is all set to launch Samsung Galaxy S7 with a new shade of Black the “Glossy Black”. Apple has recently launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in “Jet Black” edition , making  the black color look even more color and the demand for “Jet Black'” proved the success of the newer edition of the color.

The report claims that Samsung is all set to introduce a new color option for Galaxy S7 in December. However, the final date for launch has not been revealed yet. Currently company is planning to “Glossy Black” version of Samsung Galaxy S7 to compete with the “Jet Black” version of Apple iPhone 7. If news are true then this would be shade of black of Samsung Galaxy S7 variant.

This year it has been a roller coaster ride for Samsung in the smartphone market. After huge success and positive review for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge making it the best Android phone of the year, followed huge launch event of Samsung Galaxy note 7 followed by two Global recall because of faulty component leading to explosion and finally officially  ending the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 costing Samsung the profit of an entire quarter.

Considering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are main cash cow in the business and Samsung had to rely on their success until their next launch. With only two flagship model in the smartphone market, a bit of innovation or twist of upgrade in the existing product line is a very good step form Samsung to cover up the lose caused by Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 7 Jet Black had a successful run in the market and there has been a huge demand of it in the market.The initial supplies were sold out immediately and the shipments being pushed after for weeks considering the demand of the iPhone 7 Jet Black version.So if Samsung can create a similar run with Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 edge “Glossy Black” they can cover up the loss caused to a certain extent, plus an extension of successful flagship would be seen.