Nokia to Return in Smartphone business with Nokia A1 in 2017

Finland based smartphone giants Nokia had dominance in the smartphone world in the early phase, before the introduction of Android. Some of its products like Nokia 100 or Nokia 600 or even the Nokia C series were well known. However, there is saying, the only constant in business world “change” , and that’s the particular area where Nokia felt way behind of its competitor.Along with the introduction of Android in the companies like Samsung and Apple coming into the business , Nokia became a mere spectator than a competitor in the competition.

So learning from the past and not making the same mistake twice , Nokia is all set to return in Smartphone business with its first Android smartphone Nokia A1. Nokia has recently announced that its CEO, Rajeev Suri, will be addressing at a keynote in MWC 2017 alongside CEO’s of major network company , apps and software developers for unveiling its new product. Since Nokia is still under the contract with Microsoft and any product launched by Nokia has to be under Microsoft patent, the launch has been pushed to early 2017 to avoid any sort of breach in contract.

Considering A1 to be the first all Android based smartphone for Nokia, pricing, features and launch date has become a burning topic in the smartphone world. Without further ado , here is a quick look into the specification and pricing of the New Nokia A1


Specifications :

As far as specification goes it is expected that Nokia will follow the general trend and will have 5.5″┬áinch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display having the 1920 x 1080 pixels of screen resolutions with the 401 ppi of pixels density. It will have 8MP Primary camera and front facing 5MP shooter, if we look at this part one can say that it might be a bit mediocre in this department as the like of Samsung and Apple are boasting of dual lens camera feature along with many creative feature. However to compensate on the part they do have HD recording for front as well back camera.

In terms of storage capacity it will have 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 128GB with MicroSD card. followed by 2GB if RAM,which ensures multitasking wont be a bit of problem and high end games can be played without any sort of glitches.

Price :

Looking at the specification of the Nokia it can be said that it would be a budget oriented smartphone targeting average money spender and covering large audience section as Nokia usually does that. The price of Nokia A1 depending on the speicifation can be expected to be around USD$ 195/- or AED 800/- approximately. Also you can check out which are the best mobile that you can opt for under the price range of AED 1000/-

Release Date :

Nokia A1 is expected to be launched in the early phase of 2017,however a confirmed date of release has not been confirmed yet. Nokia is a popular brand and has a good brand image in Middle East, Asia, and South African continent, so launch of new product would definetly have a positive response on these markets.